Thursday, May 31, 2018


Imagining spring gardens from balcony above
bring warm thoughts to dawn air:
the serenity of breathless moments,
the sight of finches in flight,
and the silent peace of early spirits.

Sunlight peeks from heavenly sky above.
Rays fill my body with warmth.
Spring crocuses and then tulips
provide weekly surprises,
sneaking and popping out of the rich fertile black earth.

There's passionate energy of new birth challenge:
first green, then baby blue blossoms,
white, and pale yellow colors.
I will be dazzled by beauty, as rows of vibrant banners
fill my dreams with blissful sights.

They go to another dimension,
where only angels appear.
Listening for flowers that whisper
and sing music to my ears...
anticipating a special kick-off to a new warm year.
Copyright 2008 - Gordon DeClercq