Friday, March 2, 2018


With the sky high afternoon sun and
freshly fallen snow,
we ride up a mountain to 10,000 feet.
The winter temperature is chilling!

Aspens glisten with brightly shining rays.

Our gondola ride is a delight.
We see virgin powdered snow,
feel the adrenelin in our smiles.

Stoked, anxious for a descent. 

We attempt a downhill slope,
carving through rough terrain.
This slope is better than awesome!

The silence is serene.

Skis trigger snow crystals in our face,
as we race,
refreshes as it sprays

We are cutting, now,

through tree-lined trails and
accelerating as we go.
Our hearts are pounding against our chests.

We feel an internal body rush,

a climax beyond our control!
The thrill of downhill skiing,now,
flowing through our veins.

Copyright 2014 - Gordon DeClercq