Friday, December 22, 2017


When Christmas comes,
my mind shifts gears to holiday cheer.
The ham's a roasting in oven aglow.
The pumpkin pie smells sweet and nice.
The cookies bake to fill us with delight.
The Christmas tree is tall, snowy, and bright,
and glistens long into the night.
Our home fills with warmth and laughter.
My sister and brothers merrily talk of memories past.
The children play and sing by the crackling fire.
Oh, the lovely sounds, aromas
and sights of Christmas cheer!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

HAPPINESS - Thought of December 2017

Happiness comes from enjoying what we have accomplished and shared. Who we do this
with is important! The spirit of a couple in a relationship is enhanced. When we have it

together in a strong bond is exciting. A wonderful gift to give and receive.

Friday, December 15, 2017

******************** SNOWFLAKES ********************

We're watching the most beautiful morning snow!
Big fluffy flakes float like a fairytale ballet.
Memories arise of childhood saucer riding, skating,
and skiing in Dad's backyard.

Kid's enjoy unsophisticated basics of life,
sculpturing entertainment structures out of snow.
There is no cost, just heart, spirit, and sweat equity.
We create a carving of snow with Davinci flair.

We generate special moments in time,
celebrate hours of giggling and fun...
a lasting heart-warming experience,
a precious memory to keep!

Suddenly a bright, blazing sunshine
bursts through the falling snow.
I sometimes wish I were still there,
the silent whisper of cold winter air.

 Copyright 2008 - Gordon DeClercq 

Thursday, December 14, 2017


True joy kindles from the heart.
It is the way we feel,
......the way we talk.
......the way we smile.

Our hidden passions
must be shared.
The soul within touches
what our eyes cannot see.

A genuine friend
attempts holding our hand,
with unidentified style and warmth,
but unexpectedly connects to our heart.

The greatest rewards
aren't seen
with our sight,
but from the spirit within!


Copyright 2011 - Gordon DeClercq