Sunday, December 30, 2012


Walk up a trail to discover...
You will cherish this path,
when you see it's beauty.
It will open up your mind,
you are born to be free!

Copyright 2013 - Gordon DeClercq

Saturday, December 15, 2012

******************** SNOWFLAKES ********************

We're watching the most beautiful morning snow!
Big fluffy flakes float like a fairytale ballet.
Memories arise of childhood saucer riding, skating,
and skiing in Dad's backyard.

Kid's enjoy unsophisticated basics of life,
sculpturing entertainment structures out of snow.
There is no cost, just heart, spirit, and sweat equity.
We create a carving of snow with Davinci flair.

We generate special moments in time,
celebrate hours of giggling and fun...
a lasting heart-warming experience,
a precious memory to keep!

Suddenly a bright, blazing sunshine
bursts through the falling snow.
I sometimes wish I were still there,
the silent whisper of cold winter air.

 Copyright 2008 - Gordon DeClercq 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


With the sky high afternoon sun
and freshly fallen snow,
we ride up a mountain to 7700 feet.
The February winter temperature is chilling!

Sochi glistens with brightly shining rays.
Our gondola ride is a delight.
We see virgin powdered snow,
feel the adrenalin in our smiles.

Stoked, anxious for a descent.
We attempt a downhill rail,
carving through rough terrain.
This slope is better than awesome!

The silence is serene.
Snowboard, triggered snow crystals
in our face, as we race,
refreshes as it sprays.

We are cutting, now,
through tree-lined trails
and accelerating as we go.
Our hearts are pounding against our chests.

We feel an internal body rush,
a climax beyond our control.
The thrill of snowboarding,
now, flowing through our veins.

Copyright 2014 - Gordon DeClercq