Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Secrets of a Heart!

Many Americans are experiencing the negative effects of globalization and worldwide development—A New American Way. Company downsizing, family separation, and finally divorce are common practices today. Why not revitalize yourself through poetry? Secrets of a Heart is a collection of poetry that deals with such challenge, feeling, and passion. The poems are from every emotion on the spectrum, from the perspective of a single father who lost his job and eventually his marriage through corporate downsizing.

A person needs to make sense of this new world. Secrets of a Heart expresses the voice of an individual that needs answers to this situation, a heart that feels the effects of every moment and memories that strive to surface. A solution is created if you allow yourself the freedom inside your soul to restart.

Many other families have events in their lives they would change if they could. Individuals involved would like to put the past behind them, so they can move on. These poems are simply a way to experience this as a journey of comfort and encouragement.

Secrets of a Heart may help someone to turn a negative situation into a positive quest for a happy and healthy life. More than anything else, a grieving person should take one step, one day, one month, one quarter, and one year at a time. With determination, patience, hope, and support of those close, one’s dream of recovery can and will become a new start.